Mie Kobayashi & Yuya Tsuda Duo Recital
Dream and illusion of Mozart
February 25th (Sun) 2024 14:00~ Hakuju Hall

Mie Kobayashi(Violin)Yuya Tsuda(Piano)
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Violin Sonata C Major K. 296
Violin Sonata G Major K. 379
Violin Sonata F Major K. 377
Violin Sonata E Minor K. 304
Violin Sonata A Major K. 526
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Dream and illusion of Mozart
Which occurs suddenly each time
”Let me play Mozart!“
At some rehearsal, I happened to play from a Mozart sonata left on the stand of the piano, without thinking very much. At the moment I glimpsed the world of pure music within the simple sounds way beyond the human being. I was shocked.
“I want to be there.”
Students learn Mozart’s works relatively early on when studying the violin. He was always near me when I was young. (Actually, I had a young Mozart figure on my desk.) I talked to him about various things while practicing etudes.
The young Mozart was taught by his father from early age to compose some 40 sonatas for violin and piano starting at age 6. His first employment was the position of the concertmaster of the court orchestra at Salzburg. I wonder what kind of musical instrument violin was for Mozart.
My Mozart figure does not answer anything I ask him. The glimpse of pure music which Mozart opened up for me may have been a phantom. But would like to go seek what that is.
Mie Kobayashi