Mie Kobayashi plays all Beethoven violin sonatas
on 23 and 29 of October, and 6th of November
from 19:00 at Hakuju Hall

Mie Kobayashi(violin ) (1) (2) (3),
Tomoki Sakata(piano ) (1) 23/10,
Takahiro Akiba(piano ) (2) 29/10,
Haruko Ueda(piano ) (3) 06/11,
1) 23/10, Tomoki Sakata(piano )
Violin Sonata No.1 in D major Op.12-1
Violin Sonata No.2 in A major Op.12-2
Violin Sonata No.3 in E-flat major Op.12-3
Violin Sonata No.9 in A minor Op.47 ("Kreutzer")
(2) 29/10, Takahiro Akiba(piano )
Violin Sonata No.6 in A major Op.30-1
Violin Sonata No.7 in C minor Op.30-2
Violin Sonata No.8 in G major Op.30-3
Romance in G major Op. 40
Romance in F major Op. 50
(3) 06/11, Haruko Ueda(piano )
Violin Sonata No.4 in A minor Op.23
Violin Sonata No.5 in F major Op.24 ("Spring")
Violin Sonata No.10 in G major Op.96
Tickets (¥5,000) are available at the online service
(1) 23/10, https://teket.jp/337/1032
(2) 29/10, https://teket.jp/337/1044
(3) 06/11, https://teket.jp/337/1045
Contact Us: Info.miekobayashi2020@gmail.com

Mie’s message for the concerts ;
Nine of the ten violin sonatas are from Beethoven’s youth. However, “sonatas” were central to his creative world throughout his life. Each of them has a different face and shows various developments as they follow their turn, and I wonder what Beethoven was looking for in “Sonata” when he traced its maturity and development. Feeling Beethoven’s will and the abundance of internal energy in the ever-expanding world, and gaining courage, at the same time experiencing Beethoven’s deepening and refined achievement, is a guideline for our lives. When performing and listening to this music, I think we should strive to capture these profound messages and allow ourselves to be enriched by them .